Shopware 6 | The future of e-commerce

Maximum connectivity. Centrally control all distribution channels. Maximum sales opportunities. New faster backend.

Shopware 6 is the consistent further development of the successful e-commerce software from Schöppingen. A completely newly developed system core, more powerful than ever, maximum connectivity to external systems and sales channels, a completely redesigned "backend", optimal preparation for future technologies and a new standardised workflow for Shopware developers are the greatest achievements that Shopware 6 offers online retailers.

Shopware 6: More performance & future-proof

The development of Shopware 6 was not only a very big but also a very important step and already responds to developments that will significantly change online retail in the near future. Shopware 6 is not a classic further development of the tried and tested online shop software, in which new components are simply added to existing ones, but was programmed from scratch. Only this made the groundbreaking features and opportunities that the new system offers online retailers possible.

Entrust your online shop to an experienced Shopware agency to safely take the step into the future (Shopware 6). Our programmers were involved in the development of Shopware 6, which enables us to quickly create a new shop for you, or migrate your existing online shop to Shopware 6. It is an advantage to understand the structure and mechanisms of the Shopware 6 core and therefore be able to make adjustments to functions safely. An update from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 will not be possible at the push of a button due to the new structure of the software and the database. However, we are also at your side here and will migrate your Shopware 5 online shop to the new version.

The backend of Shopware 6 has been redesigned from scratch: responsive, clear, intuitive handling.