Enterprise Extensions

The Shopware Enterprise Edition is already a powerful e-commerce solution in itself, with which an extremely wide range of scenarios can be mapped, thanks in part to the B2B suite. The API-first approach creates the best base for an individually scalable system. Highly performant, modular and flexible - this is exactly where we come in with our Shopware Enterprise Extensions.

B2B-Portal | Shopware Enterprise Extensions by HEPTACOM


The ideal extension for your Shopware Enterprise Edition: Our B2B portal! Here we link ERP, PIM and CRM through HEPTAconnect, so that you have a powerful all-rounder at your fingertips, with which you can manage and administer your online business optimally.

Core functions at a glance:

Our B2B portal extends the Shopware Enterprise version and is linked through HEPTAconnect ERP, PIM and CRM.

Via SSO (OAuth2, SAML) the B2B portal links and integrates:

  • Ticket system & support chat (e.g. Zammad, Freshdesk, Zendesk)
  • Document delivery in Shopware (DMS)
  • E-Learning systems (LMS, e.g. OpenOlat, Docebo)
  • Intranet with Shopware (CMS)
  • Seamless integration into the Shopware Enterprise B2B suite
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Add-Ons of the B2B portals:

Shopware as OAuth provider | Part of the B2B-Portal by HEPTACOM

Shopware as OAuth provider

Workflow Clearance | Part of the B2B-Portal by HEPTACOM

Workflow clearance

Passwort rules| Part of the B2B-Portal by HEPTACOM


Client management | Shopware Enterprise Extensions by HEPTACOM

Client management

With our client management Enterprise extension for Shopware 6 it is possible to assign certain users to sales channels. That way, for example, the "sales channel user" can only see the customers who have purchased in their sales channel and can only edit settings within the sales channel assigned to him.

Your advantages at a glance:

We extend your Shopware online shop with the client management and you get to enjoy the followig advantages:

  • Transparent: Internal responsibilities can be defined more clearly.
  • Specialised: Social shopping via e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Google & Co. can be approached in a more structured way.
  • Updates: The extension is maintained by us. Updates can be installed through the use of Composer.
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HEPTAbooking | Shopware Enterprise Extensions by HEPTACOM

HEPTA­booking | Resources management

The optimal management of resources plays an increasingly important role – Be it items, event rooms or services. With HEPTAbooking, the resource management for the Shopware 6 Enterprise Edition, you can easily map all of this to your company's specific requirements.

Your advantages at a glance:

Your resource management has never been this easy! For more detailed information you can of course call us directly or send us an enquiry by e-mail.

  • Easily scalable.
    Expandable through any number of resources.
  • Clear & user-oriented.
    Easy scheduling thanks to a structured booking calendar.
  • Individual pricing.
    Define the conditions for your prices yourself.
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Workflow Clearane | Shopware Enterprise Extensions by HEPTACOM

Workflow clearance

With our enterprise plugin for the workflow clearance between customer and company you have the option to include the intermediate step of "clearance" in your orders.

Mail Encryption | Shopware Enterprise Extensions by HEPTACOM

Mail encryption

By default, emails are not encrypted. With our enterprise plugin you have the option to encrypt your mails between shop system and staff, and the internal administration.

HEPTAconnect | Shopware Enterprise Extensions by HEPTACOM


Our API toolkit for developers: HEPTAconnect is a dynamic open source middleware for the expansion of Shopware by any number of interfaces (so-called portals).

Microsoft Login | Shopware Enterprise Extensions by HEPTACOM

Microsoft login

With our free plugin you have the option to design the login to the Shopware administration via your Azure Active Directory for employees.

Shopware Enterprise extensions –
Useful extensions for your online shop

To enable your Shopware 6 shop's full potential, we have developed highly functional extensions in cooperation with our software developers, who are regularly trained and certified by Shopware. These extensions add useful functions to your online shop, thus making it much easier for you to use Shopware and the third-party systems connected to it, such as PIM, ERP or CRM, on a day-to-day basis. Our developers work on the further development of Shopware and are therefore always well-informed about innovations, so that you can be sure that an Enterprise extension from HEPTACOM will always meet the highest requirements.

Are you looking for a different extension for your Shopware Enterprise edition? Then please contact us and we will develop an individual software solution together with you - completely tailored to your requirements.
Once again, we work according to the motto of agile software development, so that you are always in control and can check whether all desired additional functions have been implemented to meet your requirements.


Whether Teams call or face-to-face, we are ready for your Shopware project! Feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

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