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Test all functions & features of Shopware 6. Your own demo shop. Without obligation. Free of charge.

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Your free Shopware 6 demo shop

We provide you with a completely custom Shopware 6 installation for experimenting and testing. The automatically executed installation usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as the installation process is complete. After the installation, you have 14 days to familiarise yourself with the functions, possibilities and operation of Shopware 6.

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Shopware 6 demo shop:
The test drive in your new online shop

Of course, we could describe to you in thousands upon thousands of blandishments why Shopware 6 will become the e-commerce system of the future. But, we are no professional slick talking salesmen. The advantage of having your own demo shop with Shopware 6 puts you in a position to see with your own eyes what the software can do and what makes it tick. Fill your demo shop with a few test articles from your range, group product catalogues and customer groups or test the creation of content pages and categories. After all, the decision to buy a car is only made after a test drive. By the end of the 14-day test period at the latest, you will have a pretty accurate picture of how Shopware 6 can boost your online business. If any questions about the operation or certain functions arise during the testing, you can contact us at any time. We will be happy to explain the features and setting options in your Shopware 6 demo shop.

What militates for Shopware 6:
Innovation & future-proofing

Shopware 6, the latest coup of the successful e-commerce company from Schöppingen, is blazingly fast, uses the latest technologies and optimally prepares online retailers for future market developments and sales channels. The increasing use of voice assistants such as Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant is just one of the foreseeable changes in buying behaviour. Shopware 6 also makes it possible to fill any number of marketplaces, price comparison portals and shop front-ends without any loss of performance. To create the technical framework for such major changes, the architecture and structure of Shopware 6 was completely reprogrammed. The administration interface, which has been redesigned from scratch, becomes the clear command centre of your online business under Shopware 6. In our opinion, providing you with your own Shopware 6 demo shop is the most meaningful way to convince you of its qualities and functions.

What militates for us as Shopware 6 agency:
The first with Shopware 6 certification.

We deliberately do not advertise with the attribute "full service agency" and also do not claim to be able to set up every online shop system available on the market for you. All systems differ too much in function, adaptability and user-friendliness for that. It is important to us to be able to stand completely behind a software and to understand it completely and the cooperation with Shopware AG is lively, fruitful and we have a direct line to the development. That's why we are Shopware Solution partners by conviction. The conception and creation of online shops with Shopware has been the centre of our work for years. Our programmers have been active in the Shopware developer community for a long time and work on further developments and adaptations of the system.

Furthermore, they were actively involved in the development process of Shopware 6. For this reason, we are also among the very first to be certified for Shopware 6. With us, your online shop is in the best hands. We can look back on many successfully implemented shop projects and satisfied customers. Every business model and every company is unique and requires adjustments to functions and templates as well as the programming of Shopware plugins in order to be able to present your company and your products according to your needs and target groups.

We are pleased if you are as enthusiastic as we are. With Shopware 6, the shop system takes a big step towards the future of e-commerce. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you and discuss the implementation of your new Shopware 6 online shop.


Whether Teams call or face-to-face, we are ready for your Shopware project! Feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

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