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Stay ahead of the competition with agilely developed additional functions, integrated B2B portals and Shopware plugins. We have the licence(s) to program.

If you work cleanly and structured,
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We would be happy to give you an insight into our programming and deployment process so that you can assess for yourself how professionally, thoughtfully and technologically clean each of our software developments are implemented. The strict versioning (GitHub) of adjustments and changes ensures a transparent and always comprehensible process of every programming work. Such a structure is not only required for the development of functional Shopware plugins. Even all small and large software solutions that we use internally go through the same process. Get an overview of our workflow for yourself and, if necessary, also for your developers.

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Our development process in schematic representation. Structured & proven.

Our software deployment
Programming with reason

Our source code changes are exchanged with a central Git server (Bitbucket). This Bitbucket server offers us further automation options in addition to source code management. With the help of these automations, we can check changes to the product in clearly structured processes and distribute them to further server updates.


Just as server structures have a hierarchy, the distribution of updates is also structured:

Development environment
of the developer:

This is where changes are designed and implemented.

integration server:

Here, the basic interaction of the newly developed components with anonymised data from the productive system is examined.


Here, all components are tested with production data and are regularly put through their paces before publication.

Live server:

Here runs the finished product.

Clean software development and programming will be discussed in the team.


Automatic updates take place after a successful static source code analysis and successful unit tests. A change must pass through all levels in the hierarchy once and be confirmed by a second person until it is incorporated into the final product.


For dynamic graphic interfaces we look to jQuery 3 and VueJs 2. On the server side, we rely on Symfony 4 or Laravel 5.7. Data management with MySQL and ElasticSearch are a must for every project.


In our infrastructure, we programme close to the servers on which our software will eventually run: LAMP/LNMP stacks run on either a macOS or Ubuntu machine. Alternatively, the necessary infrastructure and tools are also available in a Docker container or a VagrantBox. As a management stack, we have chosen Atlassian and thus also Jira and Bitbucket. Our continuous integration is realised via the Bitbucket pipeline. Here, static code analysis and or unit tests are run regularly. Depending on the project, servers are also updated with new software or plugins are zipped and uploaded for download.


We always try to use the latest features from ES 2017, PHP 7.3 and CSS 3. Even if not every project makes this possible, we try to transpile to the bare minimum in the area of JavaScript with Bablify. Since LESS and SCSS are so much more powerful than pure CSS, they are present in every one of our development projects.

Tools / IDEs

For IDEs, we rely on JetBrains products such as PHPStorm or DataGrip, as their functionality supports our productivity very well. As a Git client, we use either the CLI, SourceTree, GitKraken or PHPStorm itself, depending on our preferences. In graphics, we rely on Adobe products such as InDesign, Experience Design, Illustrator and Photoshop. Especially the preview with technical data from Experience Design is very helpful in the technical implementation. For external resources, we load them via Composer or npm and bundle them with WebPack to adapt the structures of the external resources to those of our projects.


In addition to our individual programming for customers and internals, we have also been involved in the libraries and projects that cross our paths in everyday life. This of course includes Shopware and its plugins and side projects like the documentation or the composer project template. Some developers were at Shopware #meetnext and helped develop the next generation Shopware. We were involved in the development of the PHP unit converter. In addition, we developed parts of our work with other Shopware Community members and published them publicly on GitHub and in the Shopware Community Store as Friends of Shopware.

Our senior developer Joshua Behrens: Database customisation and application development with brains.

Joshua Behrens

Senior Developer

on GitHub
Our senior developer Julian Krzefski: Programming and application development as a passion.

Julian Krzefski

Senior Developer

on GitHub

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Software development & programming:
The beating heart of every online shop

Our versatile team of programmers and software developers can connect your existing systems (ERP, PIM or CRM) to your Shopware online shop using individually developed interfaces. We work according to the principle of agile software development (according to Kanban & Scrum), so that you retain control after each sub-step whether all desired adjustments and specifications have been taken into account to your satisfaction.

This working method leads to the desired result more quickly and misunderstandings can be avoided during their emergence. In order to guarantee you full insight and control during the development phase, we use the agile project management software JIRA. You get access to your project and can communicate directly with the programmers working on it about progress or change requests.

Till code do us part:
Software development with rhyme and reason

Our team of programmers is of course aware that Java is more than an idyllic holiday destination, JSON is not only active on Friday the 13th and Ajax can be used for more than just mopping the floor. Our programmers and software developers cover almost all areas and varieties of programming due to their different backgrounds and specialisations and are not only proficient in just one programming language. We are able to edit, expand and adapt any conceivable database so that it can be migrated from system A to system B. Especially when switching between two different shop software systems, this is an important work item that we can handle expertly in-house.

Our programmers are active members of the Shopware developer community and have already made several adjustments and further developments that are already an integral part of the Shopware core. So we don't just use the software, we co-develop it. It is precisely this deep understanding of Shopware's software architecture that enables our developers to implement just about any additional shop function desired.

Shopware plugins:
Additional functions from certified software developers.

We are in active exchange with the Shopware company and our developers are certified several times and active members of the Shopware community, so that we are able to programme highly functional plugins for your company's special requirements. All of our developed plugins and software solutions are "open source" and versioned on the programming platform GitHub.

In the Shopware Community Store you can find some of our plugin solutions that offer useful additional functions such as an automated conversion of foreign currencies, increased security or extended possibilities for sharing content. Functions that are not yet found in ready-made plugin solutions, but are important for your business, are our particular speciality.

Darstellung von unseren Plugins in einer Wolke

Search & Find:
Turnover avoiders or generators.

The search function of an online shop is, with an accessible checkout, one of the most important functions that can determine success or failure in e-commerce. In addition to the installation of extensive and extended search plug-ins, our software developers can develop individual filter functions for you from the Shopware database, which present your customers with the most suitable items for their search.

On mobile devices in particular, especially smartphones, the search bar is statistically the most used means of navigating online shops to find what you are looking for. We understood this and are happy to advise you on the most suitable solution for you.

Project management with Jira:
Comprehensible software development

In order to always be able to track all steps in the application development, all tasks are recorded in the project management software Jira, which guarantees optimal administration and planning. This software solution was initially used by programmers and software developers, but the diverse areas of application have since led to a cross-sector spread of Jira. The advantage for our customers is the transparency of our development work. You get access to your project and are always aware of the current status of your project and can communicate directly in Jira with the responsible editors.


Whether Teams call or face-to-face, we are ready for your Shopware project! Feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

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