Shopware Enterprise Workflow

If good isn't good enough. For successful (industrial) companies we rely on Shopware-Enterprise.

Shopware Enterprise is the version of the German e-commerce solution with the largest range of functions and the most performance reserves. One of the most intelligent searches for online shops, a powerful B2B package and even more exclusive features are the characteristics of Shopware Enterprise. Shopware Enterprise is the online shop system of choice, especially when it comes to running several online shops at the same time and quickly entering the market as an enterprise size company (short time-to-market). An extensive and perfectly implemented online shop project with Shopware Enterprise requires a clearly structured and particularly transparent workflow - the HEPTACOM Shopware Enterprise Workflow.

Stage one:
The first contact - defining goals

In a personal conversation, we get to know your individual corporate structures, internal processes, IT infrastructure and business goals. Our experts from the fields of e-commerce, software development and IT security will accompany you right from the first appointment. Together we immediately get involved in the project. You don't waste your time with sales staff and constantly changing contact persons.

Stage two:
The Workshop - Let's roll up our sleeves

Based on your requirements (specifications), we develop a workshop concept tailored to your individual needs. During the workshop, we work with you and your service providers (ERP, PIM, IT infrastructure, etc.) to develop concrete guidelines for implementing your e-commerce project with Shopware Enterprise. Due to our high professional competence as well as our many years of experience, we are in a position to create a detailed and comprehensive requirement specification that leaves no questions unanswered.

Have topics such as data protection (DSGVO), connection to other marketplaces (Amazon, ebay, Ayetego etc.), Intrastat notifications, internationalisation (currencies, customs etc.) or licensing of sales packaging (according to §6.3 VerpackV) already been sufficiently clarified by you? We are happy to support you in solving all your problems in these areas.

Stage three:
Project planning - Let's make it our project

The elaborated requirement specification forms the basis for a detailed project planning. Now concrete timings and milestones can be determined in coordination with you and your Diestleistern. For transparent project implementation we use the modern project management software "Jira", to which you have access and thus always have an overview of the project status and can make concrete comments on individual points.

Our proactive project management is available for you at any time and coordinates all agreements and specifications with our departments for conception, layout and agile software development and is in permanent exchange with you.

Stage four:
Concept & Layout

The layout of the Shopware Enterprise online shop clearly follows the guidelines of your corporate design manual so that your corporate identity is preserved. We always have the optimal user guidance and user experience (UI and UX) in focus and conceptualize our Shopware online shop projects always with a view to the latest best practices as well as requirements of the major search engine operators.

Google's "Mobile first" standard is the spearhead of our concept and also accessibility, data analysis (Google Analytics, Piwik, Xovi, Sistrix, Ryte etc.) and target group analysis are taken into account as standard. Our developers and designers work with market-leading software solutions (e.g. Adobe XD) and build modern web concepts using the "Atomic Design" process.

Stage five:

As one of the leading teams of certified shopware developers (we actively work on the shopware core), our developers (in-house) can develop and program complex shopware plug-ins for your individual requirements. All of our developments are open source and an automated deployment (Git source code management with versioning) as well as a compliance with the current quality standards and norms (PSR, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 25000) is a matter of course for us.

Through the combination of high-performance, scalable Shopware Enterprise Shop software and our experienced development team, we can guarantee you a complete implementation of the requirement profile (requirement specification) and provide you with a state-of-the-art online shop solution that is so flexible and powerful that you can grow with all increasing requirements.

Stage six:
SEO & Marketplaces

The architecture of Shopware Enterprise already offers very good possibilities of search engine optimization. In cooperation with your marketing service providers or your marketing department, we skillfully present relevant SEO texts and content with added value for your users and style your meta tags and descriptions into attractive search engine snippets. The integration of your social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn or others) is a matter of course for us and is part of the good tone.

We can connect your shop to other marketplaces (Amazon, ebay, Yatego, etc.) via a suitable interface (middleware, such as Magnalister), so that your shop is equipped for modern multichannel marketing. Not only the interface, but also new marketplaces we are happy to set up for you. This also includes marketplace optimization and options such as fulfillment or the general connection of logistics service providers (DHL, DPD, UPS, etc.) to your shop system.

Stage seven:
Testing & Project Completion

Before your Shopware Enterprise shop system goes live, a detailed testing phase takes place. In addition to the basic function check (look & feel, click paths, checkout), this also includes a more in-depth check of the database (PHP unit tests and a static code analysis (linting / PSR2)). After the given release follows the publication of your Shopware Enterprise Shop. Our workflow does not end here either. From this point on, a process flow control and a conversion optimization (including A/B tests) must be carried out in order to accelerate your ROI (return on investment).

After successful project completion, we remain your contact partner for further adjustments and optimizations of your Shopware shop system. Through the depth and penetration of your topic during the project, we can quickly understand what is important to you and implement your wishes promptly.


Whether Teams call or face-to-face, we are ready for your Shopware project! Feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

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