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With our Enterprise Plugin for the workflow clearance between customer and business you have the possibility to add the intermediate step of "clearance" to your orders.

Your benefits

Workflow clearance is the Enterprise extension for the future of smart ordering procedures with clearance processes in Shopware 6. So simple and so effective! Discover the benefits.

  • Forward-thinking.
    Online distribution also for goods with legal requirements.
  • Secure handling.
    No wrong orders due to manual inspection.
  • No orders without clearance.
    Less effort for your accounting.

Straightforward & fast
Check clearances when ordering

Prevent unclear orders with missing documents for the authorisation of a purchase.

Example: You are a B2B trader and sell goods such as chemicals that are subject to legal requirements. In this case, you need to check the purchasing authorisation according to the Chemicals Ordinance. With our Enterprise extension you can do exactly that! With the workflow clearance, we enable you to sell articles with legal restrictions online.

Optimise your clearance processes by using our Enterprise extension to obtain all relevant data of your customers for clearance already in the order process. After receiving this data, one of your case handlers must check and approve the order manually. Only then is the order completed. This intermediate step of "clearance" allows you to sell goods online that are subject to legal requirements.

Our pricing model

Save administrative effort in the future by integrating the clearance process directly into the ordering process with our plugin.

Condition: Fot the integration of the Workflow clearance you need a Shopware Enterprise version.

Workflow clearance
5.000 €
  • Quick integration into Shopware

  • Enables distribution of articles with legal restrictions / specifications

  • Upload & credentials management
ENTERPRISE enhancement plan:

Maximum support for Enterprise projects.

150 €

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Do you want additional functions that are not included in a standard Shopware system? Then our certified Shopware developers are exactly the right people for the job! At HEPTACOM we develop and design open source. Because good work does not have to be hidden!

As a Shopware Platinum Partner Agency (formerly Shopware Enterprise Agency), we have made it our business to be able to implement every customer request (no matter how unusual) in their shop system. This has also led us to develop the Enterprise extension Workflow clearance.

We see ourselves as problem solvers and want to present you with "turn-key" and user-friendly plugin solutions as a reliable partner. If we have not yet solved any of your problems with our already well-developed software solutions, such as the workflow release, the B2B portal or our Client management, then contact us and we will gladly see what we can do for you and your Shopware shop.


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