The API toolkit for developers

Accelerates e-commerce projects, lowers update costs.

What is HEPTAconnect?

Within enterprise eCommerce projects, many systems from different manufacturers often have to be connected. Standard interfaces between two systems do not suffice for this. HEPTAconnect is a dynamic open source middleware. It consists of a core and any number of portals. Portals establish the connection to all systems that you want to connect. Portals are quickly and easily ready for use (e.g. MS Dynamics BC, Shopware) without having to adapt the software to be integrated. Thanks to the open source concept, HEPTAconnect reduces dependencies in your corporate landscape.

How HEPTAconnect works

Goals of HEPTAconnect

Reduce developing time, lower update costs

Often times within e-commerce projects, the wheel is being reinvented. This is often because there are no ready-made interfaces or they can only be expanded with difficulty. The problem with these projects is not only the high single development effort, but also the recurring costs for maintaining the in-house development. It often leads to projects failing or becoming obsolete. But especially this can be very dangerous in times of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). HEPTAconnect provides developers with frequently needed components for interface development. This means that projects can be implemented much more quickly. At the same time, you do not have to worry about developing the basic system further yourself. For many use cases there are already ready-made portals (this is the name of the interfaces that are connected to HEPTAconnect), e.g. for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics CRM or for the open source ticket system Zammad.

The benefits of HEPTAconnect

  • Modular: HEPTAconnect can be expanded freely. Many interfaces already exist.
  • Updates: HEPTAconnect is maintained by us. Updates can be installed through the use of Composer.
  • Open Source and AGPL-3.0 allow for independent development and maximum transparency.
  • Shopware independent: HEPTAconnect can be used standalone without Shopware.

Our pricing models

Test with the Community Edition for an unlimited time and free of charge. You can use the Community Edition without restrictions, compile PRs and help develop it further. For the Professional and Enterprise edition we as developers offer support and consulting.

Professional Edition


  • Software
  • Shopware 5/6 Portal
  • Licence per system
  • Support with 24h reaction time
PROFESSIONAL enhancement plan:

Perfect support for
commercial projects.


Enterprise Edition


  • Software
  • Shopware 5/6 Portal
  • Licence per company
  • Support with 2h* reaction time
ENTERPRISE Enhancement-Plan:

Maximum support for Enterprise


Nav- / BC-Portal


  • 1 Licence
  • Microsoft AppSource
  • Documented

You need help in realising one of your projects?

If you would like to develop your own portals with HEPTAconnect or implement larger projects, we will gladly support you. If you need further development capacities in addition to our documentations and YouTube tutorials, you can buy them from us. In addition, we have our own Microsoft Dynamics partner in our group, Tweecore, who is available to help you integrate HEPTAconnect into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, CRM or Power Apps.



  • Advice from the manufacturer
  • Senior developer support
  • Shopware Platinum partner (formerly Shopware Enterprise partner)
  • Microsoft Dynamics partner

Successfully implemented projects with HEPTAconnect

Open Source, Docs & Getting Started

Frameworks are only good frameworks, if they offer an optimal user experience. You can start right away and set up your first test project with Playground. All you need is Make, PHP >= 7.4, Composer >= 1.8, MySQL >=5.7. HEPTAconnect is free, open source and licensed under AGPL-3.0. We are looking forward to your PRs!


Whether Teams call or face-to-face, we are ready for your Shopware project! Feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

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