B2B-Portal –
The service node

The future of B2B e-commerce is not a pure sa- les platform. In times of increasing competition, the focus is shifting to communication and service with and for the customer. Our B2B portal is the central service hub. With the help of the intelligent linking of ERP and CRM, all crucial information is available in the B2B portal. Through SSO via OpenId, OAuth2 and SAML, additional products can be seamlessly integrated and thanks to the Shopware B2B Suite, all important enterprise store functions are available. By standard, we rely on open source, ticket and e-learning systems (LMS).


Your benefits

  • Increase customer loyalty.
    Put service in the foreground & quit have decisions made solely by the price.
  • Partners at a glance.
    With the B2B portal, you get a quick overview of your partners‘ satisfaction and can react in time.
  • Digitize field service.
    With the B2B portal, you can digitize many field service tasks.
  • Offload sales, customer service & accounting.
    Self-service of your customers relieves your employees.


Our B2B portal extends the Shopware Enterprise version and links ERP, PIM and CRM through HEPTAconnect. Using SSO (OAuth2, SAML), the B2B portal connects and integrates:

  • Ticket systems and support chat (Zammad, Freshdesk, Zendesk)
  • Document delivery in Shopware (DMS)
  • LMS systems (e.g. OpenOlat, Docebo)
  • Intranet with Shopware CMS
  • Smooth integration with the Shopware Enterprise B2B suite
HEPTACOM B2B-Portal | HEPTAconnect and SSO

SSO is the abbreviation for “single sign-on”. This enables customers, in the B2B portal, to switch to e.g. the LMS system and be logged in without ha- ving to create an additional login and without the need to log in again.


Our dynamic open source middleware, which consists of a core and any number of portals, connects to all the systems you want to connect. Already developed portals (e.g. MS Dynamics BC, Shopware) are quickly and easily available without having to adapt the software to be integrated.

Everything always at a glance

Thanks to simple user guidance and intuitive operation, customers can find their way around the B2B portal right away. After login, the central functions are clearly summarized in the dashboard: Support, training content (LMS), documents (data sheets, instructions, etc.) and an intranet. In the self-service area and through the integration of the Shopware B2B Suite, information on company data, order management, statistics and much more is also available, which can be processed centrally via the B2B portal.

Learning Management System

One of the central tasks of the B2B portal is knowledge transfer. With direct integration into a Learning Management System (LMS), you can provide product training and certification, which means less work for your employees and customers.

Ticket system

A ticket system helps your employees organize customer support. All customer concerns are brought together there from e-mails, chats or direct inquiries and processed in sequence. Text modules and evaluations help with optimization. The HEPTACOM B2B portal comes with a connection to Zammad (open source ticket system) and Freshdesk.


Shopware's own CMS makes it easy to create and manage intranet pages. The B2B portal comes with different templates and can be easily customized. This enables the marketing department to create and maintain information pages tailored to your partners.

Reduce costs & increase customer satisfaction

Condition: For the integration of the B2B portal you need a Shopware Enterprise version.

15.000 €
  • Usage of the known Shopware administration

  • Seamless integration of other products because of SSO

  • Relief for your departments through digitization
ENTERPRISE Enhancement plan:

Maximum support for Enterprise projects.

250 €

Good reasons for the B2B-Portal


Increase customer loyalty.
Put service first and abandon price-only decisions.


External sales 4.0
With the B2B portal, you can digitize many external sales tasks.


Partners at a glance.
With the B2B portal, you get a quick overview of your partners' satisfaction, so you can react in time.


Relieve sales, customer service and accounting.
The self serivce of your customers relieves your employees.


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