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Enterprise resource management on a grand scale: Manage rooms, services, or events - even on multiple locations. With the resource management HEPTAbooking for Shopware 6 there are no limits to what you can do.


Your benefits

You can, for example, map a cinema chain with various locations. Here, our extension supports:

  • any number of locations
  • several rooms within the locations
  • individual seating in the rooms
  • Easily scalable.
    Expandable through any amount of resources.
  • Clear & user-oriented.
    Easy scheduling thanks to a structured booking calendar.
  • Individual pricing.
    Define the conditions for your prices yourself.

The way to the goal
Clear online booking

Especially in this day and age, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to book online. Whether it's buying movie tickets for the evening screening from your smartphone at this moment or renting a drill at the hardware store for the coming weekend.

A clear and user-oriented user interface is essential for good online bookability, so that your customers can easily book. With the enterprise extension HEPTAbooking you have the possibility to map your complex resource management within your Shopware shop.

Are you wondering what this could look like? Then take a look at the implementation at one of our customers.

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HEPTAbooking | Shopware Enterprise Extensions from HEPTACOM

Increase sales

Increase your sales, relieve your staff and optimise your business processses by opting for online bookability.

HEPTAbooking | Shopware Enterprise Extensions from HEPTACOM

Be bookable anytime

Whether from your laptop at home or quickly via your smartphone while on the move - thanks to our fully responsive layout, you can book directly from anywhere.

HEPTAbooking | Shopware Enterprise Extensions from HEPTACOM

Automatic updates

With our Enterprise enhancement plan you are always up-to-date and do not have to worry about completing annoying updates yourself.

An investment in your business

With HEPTACOM you have a strong partner on your side:
Whether consulting or support - For our software solution HEPTAbooking we, as certified Shopware developers, offer the best all-round service.

Condition: For the untegration of HEPTAbooking you will need a Shopware Enterprise version.

25.000 €
  • Quick & easy integration

  • Resource management without any additional systems

  • Automatic updates via HEPTACOM
ENTERPRISE enhancement plan:

Maximum support for Enterprise projects.

400 €

Smart resource management in Shopware 6

You always want to know exactly how much capacity you have left? With HEPTAbooking - the resource management from HEPTACOM - this is now possible. Manage your resources, be it services, room capacities or goods, simply and clearly structured in real time.

Managing has never been easier. HEPTAbooking is a fully-fledged extension for your Shopware Enterprise system and can therefore be integrated seamlessly, so that there are no subsequent complications, such as in the billing department. Thus, you can benefit from the advantages of our Shopware Enterprise plugin directly after the integration.

You think your resource management is significantly more complex? That is just difficult enough for us! HEPTAbooking is one of our centrepieces and, of course, one of our main focuses here is, again, the constant prospect of growth, therefore it is arbitrarily scalable.

If you are not yet convinced, we will be happy to show you what else is possible in your resource management. We look forward to your enquiry!


Whether Teams call or face-to-face, we are ready for your Shopware project! Feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

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